Loose Slot Machines

The term loose slot machine refers to machines that give huge payouts of even up to 96% to 99%. Generally, most slot games have payout rates of 83% and 99%. That means, these machines give out such percentages of the total money submitted to them by various players. Most players get over excited at the prospect of getting lucky and winning big and squander away their money.

Seasoned players know that slots have arrangements and systems that need to be understood in detail before placing the bets. The position where a loose machine is placed is very important. If you can locate it, you will surely have really big chances of winning. But, in order to identify the loose machines, you will need to be calm and patient. You should gain experience on exactly how slots function.

The 5 most probable positions

Loose Slot Machine: What It Is and How It Works

There is always risk involved in gambling and you cannot win for sure, but, if you know how the casino management places the machines, it will be easier to use the system to your advantage. Some locations where the loose machines are generally located are:

  • Beside the cage of the cashier: The cashier's cage is always crowded with people lining up. The machines are placed here to act as advertisements. Just imagine, if you are waiting in the line and you see that a lot of people are crowding at nearby slot machines and are winning quite a lot of money, you are bound to get excited and will surely hit the slots as soon as you are done at the cashier's.
  • Close to the eateries: The same logic works here too. The house does not want you to spend much time in eating and, in order to make sure that you get back to gamble soon, loose machines are placed near the food courts and restaurants. You can even win food coupons very easily from the slots so you won't even have to pay.
  • On carousels: Carousels are platforms that are located at a height greater than the ground level of the casino. The height makes this platform highly visible from all corners of the casino. Loose machines are hidden here so that, as soon as someone gets lucky, the entire casino crowd can see victorious smiles and get more interested in gambling.
  • At crosswalks: These are aisles that are filled with slot machines of various types. Loose machines are placed here so that people get attracted to gambling by seeing other people win big on slots.
  • Regions that have manufacturer's slot machines: The slots that are owned by the developing companies are located in the main playing area. Loose machines are placed between these in order to generate hype and curiosity about the slots of the specific brands that belong to the manufacturers.

It is important to see through the system to win big money and then quickly withdraw them (to do so you can check these US online casinos with fast payout). Also, you should always know when to stop.

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