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In order of using our services, you have to install the software we will provide after your registration. During the registration process you will be asked to supply some of your personal information needed for your account managing. All the data you provide will be protected, and we will not disclosure it if we won't be legally obligated to do so, except for the regular business purposes described in our terms and condition.

The software we provide is our exclusive property and protected with the Copyright Law of our country, and International Copyright Law.

We cannot offer any guarantees about software performing.

Your sub license for using our software doesn't give you any ownership rights for it, and you can use it only for the purpose of playing games on our Web Site. Any other way of using this software would be illegal, and you are the only person that is allowed to use this software, your account and all the things related.

You are not allowed to misuse, alter, change or give away this software in any way.

We preserve the right to terminate this agreement or a part of it in any time, without any notice or explanation, and we will do it in case of suspicions of misuse.

If we decide to terminate the agreement, you will be obliged to stop using our software and to delete it permanently.

Using your Name for Promotional Purposes

By accepting the winnings, you agree that your name can be used for some promotional purposes on our site, without any compensation, unless we previously agreed differently.

In case you are not satisfied with some of the terms, after your written claim received, we will reconsider the terms, but our decision would be final and binding. 2023 copy All rights reserved

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